A Worksite Radio Makes The Day Go Faster

extension you are building? If you would then why not consider purchasing a worksite radio. There are many different makes and models to select from so finding one that suits your needs and your budget shouldn’t prove all that difficult. As you will discover that the designs of these machines can vary quite dramatically.

Some may look like a conventional radio whilst others seem to be much more robust and look like a generator. However it doesn’t matter which one you choose you are assured that they will be able to cope with whatever you throw at them when working on any building project. So what sorts of features would you expect this type of audio equipment to come with? In this article we take a look at some of the features that even the most affordable of worksite radios will have.












Feature 1 – They of course will have a tuner that allows you to not only listen to AM but also FM radio stations. Some will allow you to tune into the stations you want yourself, whilst others will have an automatic search system.

Feature 2 – A great many of these radios although they are resistant to water they won’t be very happy if you leave them out in the rain for too long. For example Makita’s worksite radio has a covering that will provide it with protection for around 5 minutes from rain. So this provides you with more than enough time to get it under cover when it does rain.

Feature 3 – Another big feature that you will see on these types of radios is that they are fitted with some of guard or rail around them. This is put in place in order to protect them should they be pushed, kicked or knocked over. When it comes to the Makita model this one is featured with protection bumpers constructed from elastomer.

Feature 4 – As you would expect when it comes to this type of equipment they have been constructed from m