Bar Stools A Buyers Guide

Pub stools-Take note of the height of your bar counter

Although the above statement may seem like common sense I have, on many occasions, been in bars and pubs where the bar stool was the wrong size for the bar or table at which I sat.

Many proprietors spend a lot of time and energy on the look and feel of the bar’s environment but fail to look seriously at how comfortable the customers will be when seated.

For instance if you have a bar counter that is 46″ then the most appropriate stool would be 34″. A quick rule-of-thumb is to have a 9-13″ gap between the seat and the counter. This will give a very comfortable experience to the customer and have the average person in an ideal position at the bar.

For a traditional pub or tavern with a 46″ bar counter I would recommend a high-back wood style 34″ stool with a foot rest. This would provide maximum comfort with that added authentic look and feel.

Cafe stools

For a cafe it is always best to have metal stools or chairs as opposed to plastic. Plastic has a cheap look and feel to it whereas metal lends to both modern and traditional eating environments.

They come in many different styles and designs and can produce a real European flavour to any dining area.

In addition metal stools or chairs can be used both inside and in an outside seated area. I have been in expensive coffee houses where the exterior eating area has mirrored the inside and this allows you to enjoy the feel of the inside environment while enjoying the sun.

Cocktail stools

For those of you interested in the more up-market approach, a stainles