Carson City – Your Fun & Entertainment Destination

state of Nevada. This city is known for its excellent natural beauty and fascinating heritage and culture. The entire state offers a range of attractions and adventure at every nook and corner. The state of Nevada is famous for cowboys and Comstock.

The city of Carson exhibits a Consolidated Municipality and is the capital of the State of Nevada. According to the 2000 census, the population of the area was 52,457 making it one of the best places to reside.

The city is considered as the round the year tourist destination as this place offers a great and rejuvenating atmosphere with a wide variety of recreational activities.

The city has secured a very indomitable position in the history of United Nations. This place came into limelight when the treasure of silver was discovered around the fascinating and developing areas of Comstock Lode. This beautiful city of Carson is situated at a height of about 4,730 feet above sea level offering excellent settings for scenic beauty.

This city exhibits a great history which will take you to the yester-years of eighteenth century when the area was inhabited by rancher and farmers. Soon after few years, a group of attorneys bought a major portion of valley for five hundred dollars and a herd of horses. The settlement so formed was named after John C. Fremon whereas the river flowing nearby was named as Carson River.

The city became the capital of the state of Nevada in the year 1864. Till then the development of the city was not solely dependent on the Comstock mines. The area was dominated by several other industries such as logging, mining and railroad etc.

This city has now emerged as the one of the significant centers of government. The city’s significance is further complimented with shopping, skiing along with several other entertainment events.

The city offers a range of attractions that will certainl