Getting Radio Play – 3 Easy Ways to Get Your Songs on the Radio

How many times have you tuned into the radio and thought why are they not playing my songs? My band so much better then they are. Well, you are not alone. Radio promotion is at the top of most musicians list of things they would like to accomplish. But for most this task seems almost impossible. The truth is, it is much easier than one thinks. Here are three easy tips for getting better radio promotion.

1. learn what radio stations play your type of music. You would be so surprised on the number of artist who blindly submit to just any radio station they can. If you are just starting out on radio, find smaller stations to submit to, they are much more likely to play your music.

2. Do your research and find out who the radio program director is at the station you are trying to get airplay on. Once you have this down, either phone or email until you make contact and politely ask if they could listen to your tracks for consideration.

3. Send your tracks and a one-sheet with a cover letter thanking them for their time and follow up about once a week from there.

Radio is a very easy market to break into if you are just resourceful, persistent and dedicated to making it happen. Just like everything else in life it may take sometime to master. But, keep plugging away making connections and following up with all of the contacts you make.