Twitter, a sellers-only marketplace?

the Twitter concept and about using it for online marketing. It seems everybody is talking about twitter as a fantastic opportunity for online marketers. My strongest impression may be somewhat controversial but here we go:

– Twitter is a big crocodile marketplace

Now,Guest Posting what do I mean by “crocodile marketplace”? To begin with, have a look at a crocodile, what are the main characteristics? Well, one big mouth and no ears! In the twitter case I mean that most twitterers are talking their hats off promoting their own product/service, but very few are actually listening. And the crocodile effect is further accelerated by the fact that most twitterers use some kind of automatic tweeting, so they are not present in person when they are tweeting. I am also quite certain there are virtual accounts impersonating as real people on Twitter. One category is quite easily recognizable: a bunch of people registered only with their first name, they have same or similar jobs, same or similar interests and their tweets are similar or identical. Ah yes, the profile photo is of a young attractive woman, some of the photos even have copyright statements on them.

Twitter is marketed as a “social network” so why do I call it a marketplace? Let us have a look at what is going on there. Without having done any scientific research I state that the majority of tweets are promotional, they contain a link to a website. And the most common target is a website offering an automatic way to earn loads of money on twitter w