Why Less SEO Improves Your Blog Posting

Your blog posting is what people come to see and why they also return. In fact the loyalty of readers, and not the search engines, is what makes or breaks the level of success any blogging sites may have. It stands to reason therefore, that the satisfaction of the blog reader should be the #1 priority for any site administrator. There are those however who still put more of an emphasis on SEO convinced this is the way for them to increase their blog traffic. Well true as it may be that search engines can ‘deliver’ traffic to your site, it is what people see when they get there that determines if they will return, and YES you do want them back!







So how do you gain the return and loyalty of your blog traffic? Well for starters, since as already mentioned the growth and success of any blogging sites are based upon the loyalty of people perhaps your posting should keep this in mind.

Here are 5 reasons composing posts that are not ‘hyper optimized’ for search engines but rather written for people will help your site grow quicker and stronger.

They Read It

The content you place on your site is for and read by other people and quite often an optimized posting can be difficult to read. It often happens when trying to place the right keywords, that the body of your content ends up not reading naturally. When this occurs people tend to get frustrated trying to figure out what you are saying. Remember you want to impress them, not frustrate them! Successful blogging sites have a lot of loyal readers and this is not how to win their loyalty!